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Technical Support

California Pacific Plant Exports, Inc. (Cal Pac) assists fruit growers in over 40 countries of Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. Cal Pac has a proven track record in production agriculture. Through extensive travel and close communication with our grower-clients, the company has developed an in-depth understanding of the adaptation of strawberry varieties, planting systems and production technologies that meet the varied needs of fruit growers. From planning through production and marketing, Cal Pacific brings an essential experience to the command of the commercial fruit producer.


hanging strawberry plants under cover

Commercial producers grow strawberry fruit in a wide range of latitudes, elevations, climate conditions and market windows. Maximizing the productivity and profitability of varieties selected under different production environments demands innovation, experience and creativity. Cal Pac helps its clients to access appropriate strawberry varieties and applied technologies that reduce risks and improve the economic return from their fruit operations.

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